Wobble Room!

Spring is here, well almost, the clocks have gone forward and we have had some lovely spring like days.  This prompted my husband and I to get our bikes out for the first time this year.  I am a keen cyclist as well as a driving instructor and it got me thinking about what we need to do when driving past a cyclist.  At this time of the year many people will be on their bikes for the first time and they might be a bit wobbly, not as used to the bikes as they might be further on in the season.  It is always good practice to give cyclists ‘wobble room’ when overtaking them.  Give them as much room when overtaking them as you would a car. Remember to stay behind cyclists when approaching junctions or roundabouts.  Do not overtake them on bends or on a brow of a hill.  Staying too close behind a bike could cause them to wobble, so give them plenty of room, ‘wobble room’…..