Teaching your daughter to drive

Ellen, my daughter has recently passed her driving test and I am very pleased to say she managed to do it first time. A lot of people have asked both of us ‘What is it like to have your mum teach you?’ and ‘How do you keep calm when teaching your daughter?’.  First thing to say is as I am an ADI I went straight into teacher mode, no longer mum and daughter and but teacher and pupil as soon as we got into the car.    Ellen quickly adapted and accepted that I had a lot of knowledge and that I could help her develop her driving skills.  Like most people starting out she was very nervous and perhaps let her feelings show more than she would with a stranger.  But once over the first shaky drives, we soon settled into a routine.  Trying not to discuss what we had done that day but to concentrate on the matter in hand.  We both had to put extra effort in,  Ellen had to fit around my other pupils and we would often be out late at night getting some driving in, at weekends and before work.  Ellen was determined and I was pleased I could help her to achieve her goal.  Top tips for anyone taking family out, remain calm at all times and never discuss what is for dinner!