Plenty of Passes

Despite the enforced lock down at the start of the year due to the pandemic, I am pleased to say there have still been plenty of pupils passing their driving test in 2021, 32 to be precise! Passing your driving test can open up many opportunities for the individual, giving greater freedom in travelling around, not relying on others to take them places and can even lead to better job options.

Passing the driving test has become more challenging in 2021 and continues to be so.  Due to the massive backlog caused by the Covid pandemic, provisional licences could take up to six months to be issued.  Then there is usually a long wait to book a theory test, but that can be taken anywhere so it is a good idea to look at all areas to find the best date.  Many went to Kendal to take it last year as they seem to offer the best choice.  Once the theory test has been passed a practical driving test can be booked.  There is currently a delay of about six months in getting a test date at Workington Test Centre.   So the advice is get your provisional licence well in advance of starting your lessons.  Many instructors might have a long waiting list too.  So it is always best to try and contact them early too.

However, it is still possible to pass your driving test, it might just take a bit longer than expected.  Here’s to many more passes in 2022.