Starting out

The test centre is in Workington.  Much of the practice will take place in Workington and therefore at least a minimum of one and half hours is recommended to make the most of the lesson when being picked up in Cockermouth.  A block of 10 hours may be purchased and paid for in advance and you will make a saving on the normal hourly rate.  I will make a log of the hours used.  The DVSA recommend that the average person takes 45 hours of lessons plus 22 hours of practice before they are ready to pass their driving test.  Every person is an individual and I will ensure I tailor my teaching to your needs so that you can become a confident and safe driver in the shortest time possible.

Before embarking on lessons, I will have in in-depth chat so I can assess where you are and what your requirements will be.  We can then agree together a programme that best suits your needs.


Perhaps you are qualified to drive abroad but need help to brush up your technique and style to enable you to get your UK driving licence.  I can asses your driving and help you to get up to the required standard for UK driving.  Or you may have taken some lessons already but not passed your test yet.  Once I know your driving skills after an initial assessment, we can agree a plan together to help you to achieve your goal.

Pass Plus

This is a six module training syllabus designed to be taken by newly qualified drivers to develop their existing skills and acquire new knowledge, developing a positive attitude to driving.  The modules cover town centre driving (Carlisle), all weather driving (if we do not experience bad weather during our time out together, I will fully explain what to do in adverse conditions) , out of town driving and rural roads, night driving, dual carriageways and motorways. The total course is 6 hours and I will deliver the course in two parts.  Two 3 hour sessions.  One will be during the day, the other in the evening when it is dark.  We will go to Carlisle and experience the M6 Motorway.  We will experience the motorway in both sessions.

Some insurance companies may offer a discount if you have the Pass Plus certificate.  I am on the approved Cumbria County  Council list of instructors able to deliver Pass Plus.  You can follow the link to find out more.  http://www.crsp.co.uk/CRSP/registerforpassplus.asp

Cumbria County Council believe strongly in this scheme and will give you a voucher worth £100 towards the Pass Plus scheme if you register with them and follow their instructions.