It’s a family affair!

The pressure is on, my son has been training with me during lock down.  He knows he needs to pass, so he doesn’t let the side down.  He is a good driver, but as they say you never know what might happen on the day.  After a long wait he manages to secure a test date, Wednesday 23rd September.  Then my nephew James, who lives in Birmingham asks if he can take his test in Workington as there is such a long wait in his local area. We manage to get him a test date, Friday 25th September!  So OK now we have two very important tests in one week.  The pressure is mounting, both can drive, James doesn’t know the roads, will he get up to speed in the short time we have together.  I need to allocate time not only to my family but all my other students too, the days do not seem long enough.  Wednesday arrives and Angus passes his driving test first time.  We are all so happy for him, but none of us feel like we can celebrate properly as we still have James.  What if he doesn’t pass, he has come all the way here, what will my sister say? All questions going round and round. Friday arrives and James passes his test too, first time.  Fantastic news so now we can all celebrate.  Well done lads!